Pubudu Jayawardana 
Eight years ago Pubudu started his career working as a software developer. The love for everything digital lies in the Jayawardana family as his wife is also a software developer. This is maybe why he grew so quickly from Software Engineer to Tech Lead in his last three jobs.

We are extremely happy that he said yes when our CEO asked him to join the Harver-team. Not to forget, Pubudu has managed to ace our tech assessment with the highest HackerRank score of everyone at Gapstars, which we celebrated by taking him on a boat tour through the Amsterdam canals.

Ashani Ganlath
Ashani created a passion for technology early on. She completed two bachelors and already worked as a Software Engineer during her studies at the Colombo University. For her it is important to work in a team that is like a family.

“When I started at Gapstars I was really nervous, starting in a new team and company. But everyone was really lovely and after a few days I was ready to meet my team in the Netherlands”. Ashani’s next goal is to do a Master of Management to eventually grow into a management position at Gapstars.

Milroy Emesh Fraser
Milroy can be described as a people’s person. The reason why he became a developer because he wanted to help people understand software. “Doing what I love is my job”.

After Milroy had worked with PHP, CMS, Open Source and other technologies, it was time for a change. He started his own freelance development team until he joined Gapstars where he has the chance to purely focus on Laravel. Laravel has always been his favorite framework and this is why he chose Gapstars.

Sasanga Abeywickrama
Sasanga studied at Colombo University in Sri Lanka. After graduation Sasanga moved to Singapore, where he worked at Vocanic, Asia’s largest full service social media marketing agency.

“I did not expect three actual human beings sitting in front of me during my first meeting with Gapstars and ProActive. I thought it would be me and a laptop with three men sitting at the other end of a Skype-meeting.” He really enjoyed the three weeks in the Netherlands. “There was a warm welcome which made me feel at ease immediately.”

Gayan Balasooriya
Gayan and Sasanga studied together at Colombo University. After graduation, Gayan worked at a Canadian organization, started his own IT company and later on worked together with Sasanga at Vocanic. Back in Sri Lanka, he started working at Gapstars.

Gayan loved his time in the Netherlands. He was pleasantly surprised by the ProActive work culture: “I think it’s admirable how the various departments are entwined. Everybody was very kind from the moment we walked through the door. I feel like an actual part of the team now.”

Rafi Mohamed
Rafi went straight to Singapore after graduating with a Bachelor of Information Technology. Within a month he found a job and during his three years in Singapore he fell in love and built a family. They then decided to move back to Sri Lanka and Rafi found a job as Senior PHP Developer at Gapstars.

Rafi really enjoyed the time in the Netherlands, and even spent a long weekend in Germany during the yearly ProActive company outing. “The only thing I missed was the Sri Lankan food.”